Conservation of forests and Reinforcement of unstable natural slopes.

The reinforcing effect is equal to one of Crib Work.

There are many unstable slopes in mountanious and valley areas in Japan, and approximately 1,000 slope failures have occurred every year. About 90 % of them are superficial slope failures that have occurred within 3 meters in depth. In our country, landslide caused by extreme weather, such as heavy rain or heavy snow is a major threat besides earthquake.

Unit-net method is one effective countermeasure to mitigate that threat and conserve forests simultaneously considering environmental problems such as global warming and lives of local people.


  1. Prevent the failure of unstable slopes
    Interaction between soil nailing, unit-net and bearing plates are effective for stabilizing slopes.
  2. Construction works without cutting and removing trees.
    In construction work, no cutting and no removing trees are required. Unit-net is open-type slope protection, and covers a very small part of slope surface.
  3. Suitable for natural slopes.
    Unit-net is more flexible compared with concrete or steel-frame, so following features are obtained.
    ・Forest conservation is achieved.
    ・Preservation of scenery is achieved because it does not obstruct natural vegetation of slopes.
  4. Reducing the construction cost and shortening the construction period.
    Since unit-net method doesn't require deforestation, cut slope, spraying mortar, scaffold for drilling and vegetation work it makes construction process simple and reduces construction cost and waste.
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