Research & Development

We promote Research & Development and publish papers at conferences with National Univ., Kanazawa Univ.

53rd Japanese Geotechnical Society Conference

Japanese Geotechnial Society conference

Daisho Co., Ltd. will publish 4 papers on flip-type anchors at JGS Conference on July 24-26 2018.

We will publish our joint research on end resistance anchors at Takamatsu city this summer.

We have been studying flip-type earth anchors as a constructor of slope stabilization.
This is the first time to publish one of our results.

1st ICPE 2018, Kochi Sep 19-20


Daisho Co., Ltd. will publish a paper on press-in or driving anchors at 1st ICPE 2018, Kochi, Japan

We publish our result of joint research on push-in or driving anchors at international conference, 1st ICPE 2018.