Daisho Co., Ltd.

Things About Slope Reinforcement

The company specialises in mitigating risk associated with landslide. The construction is made in Japan quality.

We Japanese people live in a difficult living environment compared to European countries.
The percentage of inhabitable part in the land of representative European countries such as Germany, France and UK is more than 65% at least.
In contrast, Japan only has 27.3% of it (Source: Geospatial Information Authority of Japan).
In other words, we have to construct inhabitable area and infrastructure including roads and railway among mountains to maintain lives of our large population.
Since in these living environment, the quality of slope protection work is directly related to our lives. Highly reliable construction is necessary.
Slope stabilization work which is not only erosion control but also one to prevent sediment disaster and landslides is tend to be done by a handful chosen constructors in each region.
Daisho Co., Ltd. is one of those companies which has uniquely refined methods to prevent sediment disaster in the highest level.



Crib Work

Crib work is a slope reinforcement method which is most trusted and widely popular in Japan.

Crib Work embodies contractors' skill.

Crib Work suppresses slope by itself, and it is most frequently used in combination with Ground anchor and Soil Nailing which prevents landslide and slope failure such as surface failure. There are two main types of it and they are used differently depending on purpose.

Soil Nailing is a common way all over the world to reinforce slope.

Soil Nailing is also popular in Japan. It is relatively smaller scale of construction to prevent surface failure. It can be used with Crib Work or directly to the mountains.

SD method is a revolutionary solution for soil nailing in difficult construction environment.

How do you construct soil nailing when you face to following conditions?
- It is too high to build scaffold or plat form for a drill machine.

- It is too narrow to bring in drill attached to  heavy machinery.

  • It is required not to cut down trees, but to drill the ground directly.

SD method demonstrates its stuff under such conditions.


No cutting and no removing trees are required.

Interaction between soil nailing, unit-net and bearing plates are effective for stabilizing slopes. Forest conservation and natural slope reinforcement can be done simultaneously. Technology to drill among trees, such as SD method is required.

We have been doing joint research with Kanazawa Univ. to create a better anchor.

We are engaged in collaborative research and development with universities to further enhance the company's technology. As an achievement announcement, we publish papers at a several international conference.

Capability of design work is the company's advantage.

For construction companies, it is essential to be able to perform design work by theirselves in order to offer and carry out better construction.